Your Specialist PhD Supervisor

Our network of scholars are the cream of the academic crop.

Having been educated at world leading universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, they have been selected to work with us on account of their extensive experience and background. All our academics are PhD holders themselves, and many also lecture within higher education. Quite simply, when it comes to teaching, lecturing and supervising PhD students, they are the academic elite.
If you choose to work with us, we will connect you with an expert in your subject – a PhD supervisor who will mentor you throughout your studies.
Please find a small selection of our academics below:

Dr Victoria
Dr Victoria PhD in English
Academic 304
PhD in English, Cambridge University
Dr Stefan
Dr Stefan PhD in Applied Physics
Academic 67
PhD in Applied Physics, Imperial College London
Dr Marina
Dr Marina PhD in Social Anthropology
Academic 462
PhD in Social Anthropology, University College London
Professor Alexander
Professor Alexander PhD in Management
Academic 175
PhD in Management, Cass Business School
Dr Nicholas
Dr Nicholas PhD in Jurisprudence
Academic 229
PhD in Jurisprudence, Oxford University
Dr Giuseppe
Dr Giuseppe PhD in History
Academic 416
PhD in History, Manchester University
Dr Li
Dr Li PhD in Mathematics
Academic 38
PhD in Mathematics, Yale University
Dr Emma
Dr Emma PhD in Politics
Academic 105
PhD in Politics, Cambridge University
Dr Lionel
Dr Lionel PhD in Archaeology
Academic 82
PhD in Archaeology, Edinburgh University
Professor Donald
Professor Donald PhD in Oil & Gas Engineering
Academic 388
PhD in Oil & Gas Engineering, Southampton University
Dr Frederica
Dr Frederica PhD in Linguistics
Academic 245
PhD in Linguistics, Oxford University
Dr Rajab
Dr Rajab PhD in Computer Science
Academic 196
PhD in Computer Science, Brunel University