Speed up your writing without sacrificing quality with these helpful tips, specifically for the PhD student.

How to Write Faster as a PhD Student

Every PhD student knows that the thesis is one of the most important, yet most time consuming, projects they will ever work on in their entire academic career. It will require hours of research and many more hours of writing. Indeed, it is to be expected that a PhD thesis will take many weeks and months to complete.

To help speed up the writing portion of the project without sacrificing quality, consider these helpful tips:

Set a Timeframe for Research

As a PhD student, it can be difficult to decide when enough research is enough. You are the only one who will know when you have adequate material to complete your thesis, but you should ideally give yourself at least two months for the writing element. Begin your research early enough that you will have plenty of time left to actively write it up.

Create a Comfortable Workspace

Once it is time to begin writing, set yourself up for success by creating a comfortable working environment. This should be a space free of any distractions so that you can write a high impact thesis. Working at home in a quiet room is the best option. If you have a family, be sure that everyone knows when you are working so that you are not disturbed. Also, consider disconnecting your computer from any social media activity or email notifications. These will only serve to compel you away from the task at hand.

Set Chapter Deadlines

Before you start writing a PhD thesis, it is crucial to know what your chapters will cover. Set a deadline for each chapter to stay on task and ensure that you do not become too lenient in your writing. If you need guidance on what a good chapter schedule is for your programme, you may wish to consider speaking to your PhD supervisor for assistance.

Set a Daily Target

To write faster, consider setting yourself a daily target. This can be a certain word count or a certain number of pages completed each day. Doing so can help you stay on track and motivate you to continue reaching your goal. Have a visual reminder of your daily accomplishments, such as a calendar in which you can check off each day’s progress. This visual can help you push yourself to completion and know that you are getting that much closer to submitting your PhD thesis.

Writing up research is going to be a very stressful point in the life of a PhD student, but the rewards will be substantial once it is complete. If you need additional writing help during your doctorate degree, consider working closely at this stage with an accountability partner such as a mentor or other students; you can encourage one another in writing more quickly and getting this huge project behind you.