About Your PhD Supervisor

Your PhD Supervisor is an elite network of doctorate holders from some of the world’s best universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Our service exists to support you with every element of your PhD, from your initial application to your final viva.
Working with us will enhance your PhD experience, ensuring you make the most of your higher level studies and the opportunities beyond.

The benefits of working with Your PhD Supervisor:

Based on the content of your PhD, we will connect you with an appropriate mentor, someone who is an expert in your subject and a doctorate holder themselves. This academic mentor will be available to you throughout your PhD and will be responsive to all your requirements.

We are available to meet online and, if you are in London, within the capital itself.

We offer a free consultation to every potential client so that we can assess together exactly how our network of academics can assist you.

As well as our academics – many of whom are lecturers within higher education – all our staff also hold PhDs, so you can be confident that everyone you deal with understands your needs in full.

To date, we have helped thousands of students across the world achieve their academic ambitions, many of whom remain good friends with their mentor.

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Founder’s Story

Your PhD Supervisor was born out of my own frustrations: the inability to find adequate support during my doctorate. With little-to-no direction, I found it difficult to understand how to structure my studies, resulting in reams of unnecessary research and chapters of redundant information. We have therefore tailored our services to help students with all aspects of their PhD, from the initial proposal to the final viva presentation. Our goal is to bridge the gap between your supervisor and study and, as a necessary result, we have created what I believe to be the UK’s foremost network of doctorate level academics. It has been my pleasure to work with countless PhD students from various backgrounds and see them matched with their ideal supervisor – and I look forward to extending the same support to you, too.