Writing a PhD thesis is the most important part of your doctorate degree, so it needs to be good. Here's why hiring an editor is a must.

Should You Hire an Editor for Your PhD Thesis?

One key to academic success is to relent when you know you need help. A major issue many doctorate students face is editing a PhD thesis. After looking at the same document over and over, it can begin to become difficult to recognise errors in format or style. Many students therefore elect to have a professional editor take care of this arduous task.

If you are surprised by the fact that editors are commonly used when writing a PhD thesis, don’t be! It may be worth trying if you are struggling with the editing process yourself or if you wish to have a second set of eyes look at your work.

Here’s why hiring an editor for your PhD thesis can be a very worthy investment:

Editing Is Important

Editing your thesis has a variety of benefits and is absolutely crucial to the success of your doctorate degree. It can enhance the quality of the language you use, reduce the occurrence of errors, and make sure all of the guidelines are met. If you are an ESL student, it can also help the fluency of your academic English. Any PhD student should utilise an editor of some type at the end of the writing process.

Hiring an Editor Is Not Cheating

There is a misconception that hiring an editor to work on your PhD thesis is a form of cheating or is unethical. This is not true. Just as in the literary world a document will be both edited and proofread before it is published, so too should this principle be applied in academia. Some of the leading lecturers in the country have told us that sloppy spelling and grammar mistakes, and inconsistent arguments, cost PhD students the most marks – and, indeed, students are often surprised by how much their marks increase once they get into the habit of editing their work.

What to Look for in an Editor

Whilst you want to be sure your editor has all the necessary credentials to critique and improve your work, the cost of editing services will likely factor into your decision too. The market price for editing options will vary based on where you live and the quality of the person you hire. The services you choose to utilise will also determine what you are paying. Editing is a time consuming process, and the person you hire should have solid education and training in this field. You should expect to pay a reasonably high rate for editing services, but you can research different providers to get the best price.

The turnaround time of your editor is also another very important part of professional editing. PhD thesis editing can take a long time, so you will need to get a solid submission date for your work. You should not expect a one-day turnaround by any means, as pouring through your thesis can take some time in order to provide effective feedback. If you do need a reasonably quick turnaround time, you will have to make that request before settling on your editor. You may be required to pay an extra fee to have the project completed quickly.

Writing a PhD thesis is the most important part of your academic career, so you should take every step possible to ensure it is your best work. Hiring an editor can be very useful and beneficial to you; do not hesitate to do so if you feel it can add value to your work.

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Photo: Nic McPhee